rest in peace, ella.

August 2nd, 2008

Ella was rescued from a shelter many years ago and was adopted by a really amazing family. I had the opportunity to meet Ella this last Thursday evening. She was such a sweet, gorgeous, soulful little girl. We spent an hour hanging out in the yard, enjoying some peaceful moments together with her family.

Ella’s family recently found out that she was very, very sick and would have to be put down. So while this photo session was EXTREMELY sad (it really took quite a bit of effort to keep from bursting out into tears while I was there) I marveled at the beauty of this family, and how much love there was that day — for each other and for sweet little Ella.

The day after these photos were taken, Ella crossed over to the Rainbow Bridge.

(Click on small photos to enlarge)

Rest in peace, sweet Ella. You are so dearly loved.

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  1. nicole Says:

    These images just capture her little spirit so beautifully. I am really near tears.

  2. Emilee Says:

    That is so sad, and yet so sweet. I’m very sorry for her family. It makes your job so much more meaningful, doesn’t it?

  3. Terrahblue Says:

    This is heartbreaking. You captured the emotion and spirit so well that it gave me goose bumps and brought tears to my eyes. The black and whites were amazing especially the one with her eyes closed, as if she were just soaking it all in.

  4. Allison Says:

    this is so touching, so sad and so sweet.
    you have given the family something to cherish.

    (and something to make me cry….)

  5. Jill Says:

    This must of been so hard, but her family must be so happy with the pictures. Beautiful work!! I absolutely love the ones with her eyes closed.

  6. Mom of Dexter Says:

    My son sent these pictures to me. We have an Ella bulldog. The pictures you took are marvelous. You captured the true essence of the Love of a Bulldog, human and dog.
    Your dog was very fortunate to have such wonderful owners and friends. You were all very fortunate to have had her. Wishing you rapidly healed hearts, Mom of Dexter

  7. Nick Says:

    A very beautiful set. I’m sure the owners will appreciate what memories you managed to capture..

  8. Teresa Says:

    aww, sweet ella. you will be missed!!

  9. Audrey Says:

    You captures some really great images. Such a sad end but it sounds like she lived a great life. Sweet Ella.

  10. Matt Says:

    Sooo good, are these photos but I’m sorry for the family - it’s easy to tell how much they love their pup. Good job under very difficult circumstances.

  11. Miss Janey Says:

    Oh, how terribly sad. She deosn’t even look sick. Poor little girl… Miss Janey must go now. She’s crying.

  12. sabrina Says:

    (as tears are rolling down my face) i have to say that your shoot was amazing. ella is so beautiful and she looks so happy, grace you did a great thing.

  13. Miranda Says:

    Oh my goodness. I am with everyone else on this…. with tears. How sad. Bless her little heart.

  14. Jamie Pflughoeft Says:

    Oh Grace, I so know the both the joy and sadness of photographing a very sick pet, and have had my own very similar experiences- too many of them sadly. BUT, the most amazing and beautiful thing is that Ella’s spirit and sweet face, and beautiful white fur, and happy smile, and love for and with her family and the essence of who she is as an individual, will live on FOREVER in your images. Memories are so fleeting, yet photographs provide an eternal, daily, visual connection to a spirit that means so much during their lives, and well beyond. I know it’s hard to do as a photographer, but it is such an honor, and these images are so heart-stoppingly beautiful that I am sure they have made a very special impact on Ella’s family who loves her, and will love her forever. They were clearly very lucky to have each other.

  15. Jennifer Kitrosser Says:

    yes, i am tearing up, trying not to cry hear at my desk this morning. you did an amazing job capturing her last hours in our world. from what shown here she seemed to be a very sweet and kind soul. thank you so much for sharing and please send the family thoughts and prayers.

  16. Mia 'thousandhound' Says:

    Oh man….there is stuff leaking from my eyes. How terribly sad. At least she is now memorialised in your beautiful photos.

  17. Leesia Says:

    Ditto Jamie — so wonderful for Ella’s family that you were able to capture her spirit in these beautiful images. I think it’s sessions like these that remind us why we really do what we do…my thoughts are with Ella’s family.

  18. Seth Casteel Says:

    Grace, these are incredible images. This is the perfect example of why we do what we do.

  19. Moira Says:

    You’ve got me crying too. But it’s so wonderful the family had the strength to turn her last day into a beautiful one that will be cherished forever. And they were lucky to know you would be the perfect photographer to handle the situation with dignity and “grace.”

  20. Lori Barbely Says:

    Another one in tears here to. Beautiful images that I’m sure the family will treasure.

  21. bogart takes boey to da park Says:

    these pictures are so strong. great work.

  22. SHUTT3R SG Says:

    I came to this from photopreneur (, and am just bowled over. Your images are so sweet and natural. As a photo geek and an animal lover, I’m grateful for these. Keep up the good work!

  23. Jen Says:

    Oh…wow. These pictures are so lovely and gorgeous and…well, full of life and a real vibrancy. I began crying about a quarter of the way through just looking at them, and can only imagine your emotions during the shoot.

    Beautiful work…doubtless the family was extraordinarily pleased and will treasure these images. Amazing.

  24. grace Says:

    aww. the family had a bunny too. you did a great job grace!

  25. Jill Beninato Says:

    This just breaks my heart…it is so hard to remain strong during situations like this, but these photos will bring them so much comfort in the years to come. You captured her beautifully.

  26. Christine Cho Says:

    I was lead to this from an article about you…oh my goodness this is so sad…=*(

    beautiful work…really.

  27. Sarah Says:

    I’ve had your site bookmarked for quite some time but found this link through Facebook. The shot of Ella with her eyes closed is beyond amazing. You have an amazing gift for capturing our amazing friends.

  28. Turning Pet Shots into a Profession | Cameras Says:

    […] Ella was put to sleep the next day. Her pictures, shot by Grace, are still available for viewing here. […]

  29. Deborah Flowers Says:

    Grace, I know it’s now been almost two years since this session with Ella, but these still brought tears to my eyes. Maybe because my own pup is 13 and I will dread when that day comes for me.
    I found you through phototrepeneur, and just had to comment on the Beauty and Grace that you captured in these portraits of this Amazingly beautiful pup.
    Now, I’m heading over to your site to see more!
    Thanks for sharing.

  30. Vicky Says:

    I am also a pet photographer and this took my breathe away! You did a great job and I know Ella’s family is very grateful. I agree with you. Catch them in there natural state and you can’t go wrong just look at the beautiful Ella!

  31. Rhona Says:

    As I stop my tears from hitting the keyboard, I appreciate the beauty of your work.

  32. Roisin Says:

    Once I read the introduction and saw the first photo, I burst out crying. So sorry for your loss - losing a pet, especially a dog, is a very hard thing to pass through. Beautiful work , well done !

  33. Ellie Says:

    so sad, but great photos. really well done

  34. les Says:

    nice post rest in peace

  35. Caitie Says:

    These are such beautiful photos. She looks like she was such a sweet and happy dog.

  36. Marion Says:

    I couldn’t help but think about my dog when seeing this, so amazing. Rest in peace, Ella <3

  37. kate Says:

    these photos were so bitter-sweet, definitely made me cry. you captured some great smiles

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