Yo Rocky, you’re famous!

July 2nd, 2009

The latest issue of The Bark, the best dog magazine in the universe, hit newstands yesterday and guess who’s on the cover?

That’s right, it’s little Rocky, the adorable Yorkie I photographed back in the beginning of the year. Yeah how funny is that - the photo was shot in the middle of winter for a summer cover. Ah, the joys of living in sunny Los Angeles.

Congratulations Sharyn on having a supermodel of a dog. And Rocky, don’t let fame get to that sweet little head ok?

13 Responses to “Yo Rocky, you’re famous!”

  1. Bogart Says:

    that dogs got star power! congratulations and great job on the cover.

  2. johnwaire | photo Says:

    CONGRATS grace!

  3. Nick Says:

    Wow congrats on the cover shot :D

  4. Jules Says:

    Holy moly he is cute!!!

  5. Liz Says:

    awesome! I’ll have to go buy this one too!
    Congrats again - well deserved!!

  6. NML Says:

    Grace - you are bringing a whole new fresh and modern vibe to The Bark. It’s great to see a pet magazine go beyond the typical studio shot. Your real photos of real dogs with natural lighting in a natural environment make The Bark look urban and hip. Awesome job. Congrats!!

  7. KATE Says:

    Best Bark magazine cover ever!

  8. Claire Says:

    CONGRATS! so cool!

  9. Tish Mackay Says:

    Congrats on the cover and the beautful in the middle of winter! :)

  10. sarah Says:

    SOOOO great! i think i have to buy it too :)

  11. Meredith Perdue Says:

    Grace! You rock! I know I’m super late in wishing you congratulations. Another cover shot is SO exciting! YAY!

  12. Bob Gillespie Says:

    Great cover shot. The look on the dog’s face is priceless.

  13. Sharyn Verdugo Says:

    Hi Grace!
    I didn’t know you posted this picture of the cover on your site! My Rocky looks amazing on the cover! Thanks for all the great shots. Who would have known that photo shoot, early on Saturday morning in Venice would have made the cover of Bark! To think, I had just taken my poor little Rocky to have a major surgery on his hip a month prior to that shoot!… my little trooper. Dude, also, had I known my feet would have been on a magazine cover, I would have gotten a pedicure!! Too Funny!
    Thank You for being so talented and capturing Rocky’s star power, I’ve always known he’s extra special, now I have proof!!! I love the picture you chose inside the magazine of him and me with the credits. It captured how much I love him.
    I had a custom frame made for the magazine, and it’s now displayed in a corridor in my home.
    I’ll be contacting you soon for another shoot!!…

    Sharyn Verdugo

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