snoop | los angeles dog photography

October 21st, 2009

I loooooooooooove doxies, especially when they are as sweet and beautiful as Snoop. She has pudgy feet and gravity defying ears and the most amazing eyes and… well, I’ll let you see for yourself.

(Click on small photos to enlarge)

I want this - best friend charms for you and your dog!

20 Responses to “snoop | los angeles dog photography”

  1. kiddbo Says:

    WOW! these pictures are really cool. i love the color palette and the dogs expressions.

  2. JulieLim Says:

    awwww, that charm is so cute! I want!

  3. claire Says:

    SO cute! i’m on a doxie-loving rampage lately. i decided the brown ones look just like roux but with itty bitty legs. i want one!

  4. Lisa Says:

    I love these pics!

  5. Renea Says:

    LOVE LOVE LOVE that “half” body shot - brilliant!

  6. Kim Says:

    Pudgie Doxie feet really are the best! Especially when they smell like corn chips - its oddly comforting. :)

  7. Christina Says:

    OMG so adorable! Snoop looks so thoughtful and artsy in the photos…she’s a natural =)

  8. matt Says:

    very cute little pup. the ears kill me.

  9. katie Says:

    she looks soooo beautiful! these pics are awesome!

  10. darbie Says:

    Snoop looks so cute, she was totally working the camera! Great pics :)

  11. Patricia Says:

    very adorable!

  12. johnwaire | photo Says:

    my favorite — the tongue shot. those best friend charms are very cool :) did you ever get the other half of the one i sent you? :)

    another great series grace!!!

  13. julie Says:

    My favorite are his legs and long body. I just love doxies. The best friend charms are a good idea!

  14. Kimberly Gauthier Says:

    The last shot of the shared key chain is just adorable. I’m so going to do the same thing when I get a dog! Great photos!!!

  15. kristie kulik Says:

    So sweet! I am in love with the feet shot! Everyone should have a pic like that with their pup ♥!

  16. Alan Chang Says:

    Looks like Snoop had a great day. They’re all great, but I love the 2nd to last pic the most. Very cool

  17. leesia Says:

    love love LOVE those pudgy feet! and the floppy ear. and the best friends tags are too cute!

  18. annie Says:

    great pics! she’s soooo adorable! her expressions are priceless.

  19. Stacey Says:

    Ohmigosh!!! Those best friend tags are a MUST!!!! I want them immediately! Gorgeous little guy with the flopppy ears captured so perfectly.

  20. Stephanie Says:

    What a great name for a doxie!!! My favorite picture is his floppy ear while looking up at you. Amazing Grace!

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