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November 3rd, 2009

I had a gorgeous, sun-kissed photoshoot with the beautiful Anna Faris and funny-man Chris Pratt one lovely morning. What a treat it is to meet celebrities who are as cool, funny, and gracious as they seem in their movies and the media.

(Click on small photos to enlarge)

Bernie is a 16 week old pug - I love her sweet baby face.

Sherman is her 16 week old brother. I’ve never seen so many wrinkles on a pug before.

And Bonzo is the 10 month old first dog of the family. Have you ever seen such wonky eyes on a dog before?

I have no words to describe how much I love this next shot:

Last but not least is Anna’s cat Bella - she’s 17 years old and not quite as evil as she looks.

Thank you Anna and Chris for a fun, down to earth shoot with your adorable babies!

29 Responses to “anna & chris | hollywood dog photography”

  1. johnwaire | photo Says:

    my favorite series of yours so far! that is one cute dog :)

  2. Nicole Mlakar-Livingston Says:

    These are all exceptional and they have a fantastic editorial feel. I totally see these getting picked up for something BIG!!! Congrats!!!

  3. Emilee Says:

    Oh my goodness, these are all fantastic! Those pug puppies are too die for. And I love the cat shots, they’re hilarious! Congrats on being able to photograph their pets. That is so awesome, Grace! You’ve come so far in such a short amount of time, it is amazing and inspirational. Keep it up, girl!

  4. Jill Says:

    gorgeous!!! you have a style all of your own.

  5. kristie kulik Says:

    omg….I am dying over these puggers! and of course crazy kitty too♥!

  6. Kim Says:

    Bella the cat - FANTASTIC! I love her! She looks like Mr. Tinkles from the movie Cats and Dogs. And the pugs! Puggy Heaven!

  7. Leesia Says:

    Lol!! Love it. That cat cracks me up!

  8. Jules Says:

    So cute!! You can never have too many cute little pugs!! Beautiful shots Grace!

  9. Kat Says:

    I thought Anna was cute before. Now I love them both! And their pugs are the cutest I’ve ever seen!!

  10. Mia @ thousandhound Says:

    Love it! Beautiful photos. I can’t beleive Bella is 17. Wow.

  11. Liz Says:

    That cat makes me like cats. haha

  12. Andrew Lee Says:

    These are absolutely AMAZING Grace! I love Sherman’s little face. Very impressive. Please post more photos.

  13. Trude Says:

    I LOVE the light in these shots. Stunning capture! Someday that will be me and Dante, for sure. :)

    And what is it with cats and biting leaves? Our kittens get into them all the time:

  14. Renea Says:

    Anna and Chris are both SO CUTE and I love their dogs!!! (And that crazy cat too) Grace you are so talented at capturing beautiful light and the expressions on pets and their owners. Truly one of the best out there. Hollywood is going to be pounding down your door.

  15. Amanda Waltman Says:

    Love the pics! The ones of Bella have me laughing so hard right now! :)

  16. paula W Says:

    Great job Grace - pug puppies! you were drowning in puppy breath - you always have the eye to capture the relationships of everyone, including the non furry ones! ;)

  17. claire Says:

    SO AMAZING!!! that light is incredible and the pugs are ADORABLE.

  18. Kimberly Gauthier Says:

    It was hard to chose a favorite until I got to the last one. I love that shot! Beautiful photos!

  19. Stephen Says:

    You rocked it again!

  20. matt Says:

    Sherman simply slays me, I’d never be able to put him down. And to make a dog guy love a cat says much about your gift.

  21. Rhianne Says:

    Amazing photos - I love the one where Bonzo is licking his nose too… perfect

  22. Lisa Says:

    OMG I could just kiss Sherman’s little wrinkle face all over!

  23. Amber V Says:

    Such amazing photos as always! I had no idea Anna Faris and Chris Pratt were pug people, that makes me love them that much more :)

  24. Nick Says:

    Haha pugs looks cute no mater what expression eh?

  25. Tamandra Says:

    Oh just wonderful images! The one that’s your favorite is the sweetest thing. And that kitty! LOL looks almost like a stuffed toy come to life. What a face!

  26. Ellyn Says:

    Grace, I still come to your site for a pick-me-up. Love, love, love this set!

  27. Ashlea Harmon Says:

    Such cute pictures! My husband and I are parents of Summer - a sibling of their baby pugs. They look so similar!

  28. Alexa Says:

    Oh wow, love all of these! The kitty is the funniest and cutest thing!! Wonderful work.

  29. grace Says:

    beautiful grace!
    keep up the great work!!! * two thumbs up*

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