rose knows!

April 20th, 2010

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The gorgeous and talented Rose McGowan wrote a piece on her favorite doggie things in Los Angeles and gave Shine Pet Photos a shout:

Since you’re probably curious, let me answer some questions: Yes, Rose is gorgeous in person. I would die for her skin. The Gods are sometimes very unfair. Yes, she is totally awesome, kind, and sweet in person. Meeting really nice, generous celebs in person is always such a treat. And yes, Rose is a huge dog lover and absolutely dotes on her Boston Terriers, as she is famously known for.

Thank you Rose for the lovely article on life in Los Angeles with your dogs, and for mentioning me in the piece. And thanks to all the special people behind the scenes who made this all possible (you know who you are!)

The shot from the article:

The shot from the table of contents:

Pick up the latest issue of Los Angeles Confidential Magazine on news stands now, or read Rose’s piece online!

12 Responses to “rose knows!”

  1. Nicole Mlakar-Livingston Says:

    FABULOUS!!! You just keep rising to the top lady! Congrats!!

  2. kim hayes Says:

    awesome! I love that second pic of happy with the cool checkered floor. So cute!

  3. Simone Says:

    Oh Grace - I’m in love with these photos. Happy is the epitome of happiness. My heart is smiling.

  4. Shauna (Fido & Wino) Says:

    Congratulations- that is so exciting!

  5. Amanda Waltman Says:

    how exciting grace! you’re such an inspiration! :)

  6. johnwaire | photo Says:

    wow grace…THAT IS AWESOME! congrats!

  7. Brandie | CityDog Magazine Says:

    Fantastic! You go girl!

  8. Marie Says:

    No way - AMAZING!!!!!!

  9. alexa Says:

    Awesome Grace! Love the photos! :)

  10. Pammy Says:

    Beautiful images! Congrats on the shout out and well deserved compliments.

  11. Belinda Says:

    Grace, I’m afraid you’re going to have to go through me before you get Rose’s skin. Yes indeed, the gods can be unfair…
    BTW, great pics (as always!) and congrats on the article! :)

  12. creativeKayt Says:

    How great to get recognized! You’re shots are wonderful and the kudos is well-deserved! Congrats on the article!

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