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January 15th, 2013
I don’t know about you, but I have a hard time looking at anything visual without automatically critiquing it.

Maybe it’s those 4 years of art school, or those 7+ years of working in the ad industry as an art director. When something is put on a wall to examine, mull over, and pick apart day in and day out for over 11 years, I guess it’s bound to become a way of life.

The best thing I learned is that critiques don’t always have to equal criticism.

Without a healthy and objective dose of critiques, there wouldn’t be improvement. I’ve always thought being an art director is kind of like being like a ninja assassin out to kill flaws and imperfections. You’re constantly examining ideas, designs and layouts with a critical eye, not because you want to be negative and deconstructive, but because you want to make it better. As a creative, you strive to polish your ideas again and again and again until you end up with the best execution possible.

As a professional photographer for the last 5 years, I can’t help but do this with photography, especially my own. I am truly my own worst critic! This is the only way I know how to create the absolute best work I know I can produce. I’m constantly striving to improve my shots, from the moment I press the shutter until I’m in post production.

My goal with a pet photography portfolio review is to help you take an objective look at your photography and offer you as much helpful, constructive criticism as I can. I want to help you polish it, polish it, and polish it again until you end up with the best body of work possible. I want to talk to you about how to take an image that is seemingly mundane, and make it spectacular. There is ALWAYS room for improvement - always! Let’s work together to discuss your work and make it the best it can be.

I promise, it won’t be scary and I don’t bite. Unless there are red velvet cupcakes involved!

1 hour pet photography portfolio review - $175

What the review will cover:
We will talk over the phone and go over each of your images one by one. We will start with critiquing your existing portfolio, and then go over any additional images you want to have looked at. If you’ve ever wondered whether or not a certain shot should be included in your portfolio, this is the perfect opportunity to talk about it. Send over as many images as you’d like, and we’ll discuss as many as we can in an hour.

What the review will NOT cover:
The portfolio review is specifically to discuss your existing body of work - critiquing what you’ve shot and how you can improve future images. This is not a mentorship or business consultation and we will not be discussing marketing, advertising, branding, commercial/editorial clients, pricing, posing, working with pets and people, tips on working with animals, and post processing techniques. We may very well touch upon some of these topics as we discuss your work, but we will not be talking about any of them in depth.

Only 10 portfolio reviews clients will be accepted. Reviews will be offered for a limited time, through May 15th 2013.

To sign up for a portfolio review, please fill out an application [CLICK HERE] and send it to info [at] shinepetphotos [dot] com. Applications will be approved on a case by case basis.

3 Responses to “pet photography portfolio reviews!”

  1. Judy Babinski Says:

    Very interested in your portfolio review.
    Where can I find an application.


  2. shine pet photos Says:

    Hi Judy, so glad to hear you’re interested. The application is available for download at the end of this post.

  3. Judy Babinski Says:

    Hi Grace I got really busy and am just now submitting my application. Hope you are not full yet.


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